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Николай Ватов, Наталия Андреева и Павел Вежинов

Елена Борисова

The Tragedy of Human Alienation: Nataliya Andreeva, Nikolay Vatov and Pavel Vezhinov Elena Borisova, Institute for Literature – BAS, Sofi a, Bulgaria In the very center of interpretation of the recent text is tragedy of alienation, developed in works of Pavel Vezhinov, Natalia Andreeva and Nikolay Vatov. Alienation as a condition and result of the development of human civilization provokes extreme psychological condition in the characters, disruption between real and imaginary. The radicalization of the mental states and desires of characters evokes by the “difference”, connected with their birth. The impossibility of “alienated mind” and its existence in a world that suppresses “different spirits”, leads to crash to explore and get to know of realistic spaces that the only way to understand their totality is fi nal separation between mind and body through death.

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